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Is Disaster Hiding Under Your Orlando/Dr Phillips Roofing Shingles

September 24th, 2017

Whether it’s your home or business, how often do you really look at your roof? Never the less, got a ladder and climbed on the roof and inspected the shingles or tiles. Your roof deserves attention, especially this time of year. A big storm or intense winds can quickly make a small issue into a huge problem.

When you know what you’re looking for, these small issues are easier to identify

What does the flashing on your roof look like?

No matter what the flashing is made of, rubber, plastic, or metal, it is a vital part of your roof, because it deflects water from the seams and joints. It is located around vertical vents and chimneys. Its job is to protect the structural framing by forming a waterproof barrier. But our intense heat, afternoon thunderstorms, and age, can compromise its integrity. This allows moisture to get under the shingles surrounding the flashing, setting the stage for structural damage, mold, and wood rot.

What do your roofing shingles look like?

Are there any missing, not laying flat, curling, or buckling? This is your roof’s way of letting you know there is a problem. It’s a good indication there is an underlying moisture issue. Aging shingles and poor installation are not the only reason this can happen, poorly ventilated attics can force moisture up to the roof causing uneven warping and the shingles to curl or buckle. Creating the perfect environment for mold to grow. Attic fans can help with ventilation and reduce damage.

Unhealthy shingles means your roof looses protection.

Our sizzling heat can cause shingles to become dry and crack. Then the rainy season sets in and moisture seeps into joints and seams. Then all it takes is a strong wind and a shingle is moved a little or worse, goes flying in the wind.

Don’t put it off, a good look at your roof can reveal a lot. A professional roof inspection is the best way (and safest) to ensure your roof is in good shape.

If you suspect your roof may have damage, contact the roofing experts at Schick Roofing. As a GAF Certified Roofer and a leader in the industry, we provide our customers with an honest and accurate assessment of their roof and affordable services.

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