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What You Need To Know About Roofing Shingles in Orlando, Dr Phillips & Windermere

November 9th, 2017

Roofing shingles protect more homes in Orlando than any other type of material. From coast to coast shingle roofs are on 80 percent of homes in America. Why are they so popular?

Roofing Shingles are Durable and Lasting a Long Time

When properly installed, roofing shingles are a very durable material that can protect your property from the Central Florida elements for about the next twenty years. The exact lifespan depends on the quality of installation and the grade of shingle.

For instance, GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, offers several types of shingles, from Timberline with a lifetime limited warranty (the #1 selling shingles), Designer shingles with exceptional durability and luxury, Impact-Resistance & Cool/Reflective shingles for specialty performance, and Three Tab shingles which are easy on the wallet. Higher end shingles tend to have better wind resistance rating and have a longer lifespan.

Roofing Shingles are Budget Friendly

Three DormersCompared to tile, slate, and metal, shingles are the most affordable roofing material. Since they are easier to work with, they don’t cost as much to install. They also come with great warranties.

Roofing Shingles are Recyclable

Do your part to help the environment, instead of adding old shingles to your local landfill, choose an eco-friendly roofing shingle. GAF is a leading manufacturer of green roofing materials.

Roofing Shingles Enhance the Aesthetics of your Home or Business

Shingles come in several designs and colors to add to the aesthetics of the property. From warm earth tones, classic black and grey, and contemporary greens and blues. They also come in beautiful designs, even replicating the look of tile and slate.

The Importance of having Sufficient Attic Ventilation

Whether it’s the intense summer humid heat radiating down through your ceiling, increasing the energy and cost to keep your home cool and comfortable. Or, heat getting trapped in the attic in the cooler months, creating condensation and the possibility of mold.

If your roof has seen better days or you suspect damage, contact the roofing experts at Schick Roofing. As a leader in the industry, we provide our customers with an honest and accurate assessment of their roof and affordable services.

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